Animation Audiovisual Production Company, How Does It Work?

Surely you can imagine how a traditional video production company singapore can work, with cameras, tripods, green or blue backgrounds (chroma), actors, lighting, etc. But if we think of an video production company singapore specializing in 3d and 2d animation, video marketing and videos with animated characters, would you know how they are inside? In this article we are going to explain it.

The audiovisual producer of animation inside

All animation producers are not the same, in fact there are quite a few differences according to their specialty, 2d, 3d, post production, and even of each of these three specialties could be made many subdivisions, traditional animation, motion graphics, stop motion, specialized 3d in animation of characters, 3d for architectural representation, special effects, etc ... And there is also a lot of difference according to the size of the audiovisual production company, from a single person who takes care of everything, to hundreds of people very specialized in specific areas, as it happens with the producers that make 3d animation movies.

In this type of production companies you will find people working with your computer, an illustrator, a scriptwriter and someone who are in charge of the contact with the clients, and also usually has some external professionals as speakers or specialists in a specific technique or area if required some video.

The day to day is usually like in a normal office, although if you look at the screens you see more fun things than in a normal office (and I mean the videos we do), something that sometimes seems strange to customers that we they visit is that they imagine something more "exciting", we suppose it will be by the type of videos that we produce, although most of the communication is usually by email, Skype or telephone.

How 2d animation videos are made

Explaining it in a summarized way, the production of animated videos 2d always begins with a conversation with the client, to which we ask a series of questions to be able to start with the script, questions of type What is the main message that you want to transmit with the video?, or to whom do you go with this video? Etc. And once we have all the clear information we start with the script, which will be commissioned by our scriptwriter and will have a format.

In which the client can see what the speech will say and what will happen in his video, and if he wants, he can make or suggest as many corrections as he wants until he is satisfied.

And once approved, the recording of the voice-over is made, which must also be approved by the clear client, and the animation of the video always begins using the recording of the final speech so that everything is well synchronized, and after one day and a lot of work, we present the client with his video, about which he usually makes some changes or retouching that we do without problems until we reach the final version.

And the 3d videos

This type of videos have a different production than the 2d videos with personnel that we just explained, it is a much more complex internal process, although for the client it would be just as easy.

Posted on October 17, 2018 at 05:38 PM