Five Digital Marketing Tips for 2018

Guide with 5 digital marketing tips to leverage your business in 2018

1. Strategic content

Relevance content remains the great tip of digital marketing. A Orbit Media survey of more than 1,000 bloggers around the world provided data on trends in content production. We have separated some of the graphs and information published to help you understand the trends.

The first graph points to the growth in the importance of blogs in communication, with 78.8% of respondents pointing out that the platform has great or some importance in the marketing results.

The size of the content also had relevance in the research highlighting the growth of the strength of larger posts. More than 38% of bloggers who develop posts with more than 2,000 words have excellent results with their blogs.

Among the most used media within a common post, images and videos stand out.

Even as a percentage of 15.1% of blog posts, the videos gain relevance. Orbit Media research has highlighted that more than 35% of bloggers believe they have great results with posts with videos.

Thus, among the trends for digital marketing, one of the tips is audiovisual production. Research shows that currently 45% of digital users spend about 1 hour per week watching videos on digital platforms.

Content production should be tied to placement strategies in the search tools with Adwords and SEO (you can learn more in this post on what SEO and SEM are ).

2. Conversion Optimization

Conversion optimization, or CRO , is nothing more than being able to turn the largest number of people who came into your site into consumer agents. The conversion can be a sale in the case of an e-commerce, a registration in the case of a site that generates leads for the commercial sector, among other possibilities.

The CRO is a strategy that will increase the number of conversions without having to increase the value of investing in other strategies. That way, users who come to the site through Sponsored Links, Content Marketing strategies, SEO, among others, should contact an optimized site and prepared to turn them into customers.

3. Digital Influencers

Among the digital marketing tips that will make the year 2018 better for your business is the partnership with digital influencers. Whether they are national or regional, this feature remains a strong trend.

As in good old-fashioned word of mouth, the indication of products or services is always a market dynamic. According to the Administrators portal , some surveys point out that at least 90% of consumers rely on peer recommendations , while only 33% take paid ads into account.

If you have a local business, for example, invest in local influencers with lower investment value and higher rate of return.

4. Be present on social networks

About 75% of the time people spend online is using social networks, with Facebook alone having more than 1.49 billion active users per month . So, think of content that matches the profile of your chosen social network as well as your company profile and begins to relate to your audience.

Have not yet created a professional page for your business? Learn fast how to create a Facebook account for businesses. Also,.

5. Invest in ads on digital platforms

Good content can have greater reach if coupled with a good investment strategy, whether on social networks, through the types of ads on Facebook , or through ad campaigns on Google Adwords .

Posted on July 11, 2018 at 01:17 PM