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If you did not know, you will now know: controversy is the engine of history. From the controversy between evolutionism versus creationism, through the great Toddy versus Nescau dispute , until it reaches the most definitive question for humanity today: is it biscuit or biscuit?

When the subject is leadership , there is also a great controversy that mobilizes the passions of the experts in the subject. We can summarize the controversy between two groups : nature and nurture . At that point, you must be asking yourself, what's the catch?

Nature is the view that the different human characteristics, especially the subjective ones as the human behavior, are determined biologically, that is, they are determined from our birth. Already nurture is the interpretation that says that human behaviors are cultural products, given by the context in which people are inserted and therefore can be modified.


But what does this have to do with leadership? All! Because leadership is a behavioral trait of humans, depending on your vision, you may find that the leader is born leader or that the leader becomes leader. And that makes all the difference.

How we build leadership development

We believe that everyone can form and improve behaviors and characteristics through training, challenges, discipline and hard work! Not for nothing, we are the largest factory to stretch people of the country. In 2017, we invested heavily in training our leadership. We had the first edition of the Leadership Academy in the first half of 2017, collected the lessons learned and made two new initiatives in the second half, Stone Made Leader and Stone Impulse Leader .

Stone Made Leader is the training program of the oldest and most complex management leaders. Fully based on an autonomous adult learning methodology, Made trained 95 leaders in at least one of the nine contents covered, ranging from Oratory and Communication to People Development, through Process Management.

Stone Impulse Leader is the program designed to train our company's new leaders in the contents of the people management cycle. In it, leaders learn and practice from concepts of Attraction and Interview, to Succession and Resignation. In the last quarter of 2017, Impulse trained 269 leaders in 3 applications.

We are reaping all feedback on the programs to further improve our leadership training experiences, but the return of the early versions has already been very positive. The result? We see straight from who we train.

For Roberto Neumann, from the Projects area, these trainings are the best way to develop our teams. "The training of teams has to be the focus of the leaders, but they also need to learn that," he explained.

For Marina Dias, our Internal Experience team, the market in which we are inserted and the fact that we have many young people in our teams makes these training even more necessary since it is necessary to "understand more about the business and its field of market that changes a lot ".

Posted on July 11, 2018 at 01:15 PM