4 Tips to Create the Best Website in WordPress

This article will cover some ways to create the best WordPress site for you or your client. Note that the term is to create and not to develop, since site development is only a part (the most important part) of the whole process.

Creating the best website in the world is impossible

Before the tips let's leave a little something clear, the best site in the world does not exist, the options, slopes and preferences are many, not to mention the platforms and the web itself with all its dynamism. Each individual identifies with a form, medium, usability or visual, saying that this is the best platform and that this is the best site, ends up being just an imposition of point of view. It is like saying that such sport or sportsman is the best, there is no way. But let's get down to the tips:

1. Have goals and work on them

It is no use running if the direction is uncertain, it is necessary to have goals to create the best site. Working on the goals is a daily practice, once the goals are drawn it is necessary to know where you want to go, how, by what path, using which strategy and another set of information relevant to the digital marketing work or not . Every website in WordPress can integrate with an easy integration  with Google Analytics , Use GA or another tool to understand the behavior and own performance of your site WordPress can be the first step to chart your road to the goal. Just one more thing, do not be discouraged, remember that every road is sinuous and full of ups and downs.

2. Define the features of your site

Every website has its use, defining what your WordPress site will do for you and your user is directly linked to the goals of your business and your communication. These are the features that offer site usage differentials for you and for users, from a simple automatic address completion by CEP to full SAC automation . Find good development support to make your ideas work on the web and that every new feature brings new benefits to your site.

3. Innovation should come in doses

Divide your actions in the short, medium and long term. Begin by doing what is necessary, then do what you can and then do the impossible. Even if the world does not end tomorrow, we live in an age where changes happen overnight. You'll hardly create the best website overnight, start doing what you can to do, but with quality and focus , make sure your site will be able to receive new and better implementations or you'll have to redo everything, every time who try to change or improve something.

That's why I say start slowly by doing what's necessary, watch what you can do soon and set as your goal, and you'll soon realize the universe of opportunities that WordPress.

4. Look for reliable support

The perfect would be that all the supports were reliable, after all they are triggered when the client needs it most.

There are companies and professionals focused on WordPress around the world, this is one of the advantages of using an open source platform , if it does not work with a freelance developer or developer, you can look for other options. If I may advise you, run away from the  "Master of the Magicians" support , who talks in code with you, is never with you on the journey, and when you need it he disappears.

Each day that your site does not work is a little more that you fail to earn, not to mention many other issues that may arise. So research, search, create and maintain a good relationship with your support

Posted on July 11, 2018 at 01:13 PM