Web Designer for Business

Web Designer is the professional who creates the design and structure and a website and is able to apply maintenance, updates and website hosting. As important as the graphic design that takes care of the entire visual identity of the company. These are two areas of knowledge that are involved in everything your business needs to exist in the minds of consumers.

All the items that materialize your company in the physical and digital world pass through the Graphic Designer and the Web Designer . This professional skill, or lack thereof, can make the absolute difference between the success or failure of your brand.

Find out how Graphic Designer and Web Designer can help your business grow.

What does the Web Designer and the Graphic Designer do?


Visual identity is the signature of your company in the world. It is through it that the consumer recognizes their products and services.

The Graphic Designer is who develops the brand (logo) of your company, base item of the visual identity. Visual identity includes basic stationery: business card, envelope, briefcase and letterhead. In addition, all material that exposes your brand must follow the same pattern of communication: email signature, badge etc.


The Designer is responsible for materializing the idea in the development of products, creating interesting and functional ways for the product to meet the expectations of consumers and to be relevant in the market. The great innovations of product pass in the hands of the designer.


A phenomenal product can lose all consumer value perception if it is in packaging that does not properly highlight it. The packaging has the function of protecting the product, delivering important information about it and detaching it at the point of sale. The Graphic Designer is who creates the art of packaging and defines the format of it.

Promotional stuff

The Graphic Designer is the one who creates and elaborates the graphic design of the promotional and merchandising material that will be used to promote the product: folders, brochures, catalogs, posters, canvas banners, banners, signs, totems, displays, Wobbler, stickers, among others.

The graphic presentation of the institutional and promotional material of the company has a reflection on the perception of the quality of the products and services offered, as well as on the credibility of the brand.


Communicating the company's positioning, the essence of the brand or recommending the use of a product is not an easy thing. The graphic designer knows resources, mastered techniques and know how to use tools effectively to achieve the advertising objectives of the company.

The Graphic Designer can create advertisements for magazine, newspaper, billboard and urban furniture signage, among other formats.


A website is fundamental in the digital strategy of any business . Today, digital presence is undeniable factor for companies to succeed in the online and offline world.

The Web Designer is the one who creates the layout of the site, the landing page or the virtual store thinking about the visual aspect of usability. In addition, the project must be thought structurally in order to meet the minimum SEO requirements necessary for the good performance of the site in the search engines.

Posted on July 11, 2018 at 01:05 PM