6 Digital Marketing Tips for Real Estate, Developers and Lot Owners

If you are here, it is probably because you want to learn about digital marketing to sell more real estate. Regardless if you own a real estate, you work at a developer or land developer, this post will help with some tips to build and increase your business presence online.

Traditional marketing practices like direct mail, flyers and brochures can work, but digital marketing is a highly productive way to reach your target audience and boost your sales. We separate six tips to help you sell more real estate, check out:

# 1 - Have a complete and optimized website

The first step to a digital strategy in any type of company is to have a website. People say that it's like the '' business card online version '', but the truth is that your website should deliver far more than that.

In addition to basic contact information (which is present in every kind of communication piece), your website should be directed towards lead generation.

What would that be? It must be built with the reason of attracting visitors , intuitively and educationally. Some additional tips to better understand:

Create from scratch

Escape from ready-made website templates, usually static and not flexible to change. That way, the site of your venture will be unique and different from competitors, building a better visual identity.

Be responsive

During the development of the website, tell your digital marketing company that you want a dynamic and responsive website. Thus, it will fit easily on any type of device that the user uses - be it desktop , tablet or smartphone .

Call for action

Your site must have several buttons called CTAs , which direct your visitors to a conversion, that is, a page that contains a form to fill out.

# 2 - Pay attention to SEO

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization , that is, "search engine optimization". To get clearer, it's a strategy to improve the position of your site in search engines (such as Google), so that it will be easier to find and consequently increase your traffic .

SEO efforts affect organic search results, meaning you "do not pay" to be in a certain Google position. Think about keywords: do you know how your customer searches for your business on the internet? How would he research?

Doing a keyword research is an element of SEO, but not the only one. Other actions that include strategy include optimizing page titles for your site and meta descriptions to ensure your site is easily navigable, improving the URL structure and becoming more reliable for the search engine.

# 3 - Create content that people enjoy

Complementing what has already been said, a content marketing strategy will not only help in SEO as it will attract visitors to your site.

Have a blog inside the site, where you have posts about subjects related to your venture, be it an apartment, condominium or allotment. That does not mean it should be commercial, on the contrary!

Think like your client . What subjects would you be interested in that are linked to you?

Imagine that you sell a closed lot in some city in the interior of São Paulo, but you want to target people living in the capital. Publications such as "X reasons to live in the interior of São Paulo", "Is it worth investing in land in the interior?", "X tips to have the garden of dreams" and "Where to live in the interior of São Paulo" are some examples of countless opportunities that you can explore with content marketing.

Investing in this strategy will create relevance and authority for your visitors and, with the right keywords, will help you to increase positions in Google!

# 4 - Use Smart Media Wisely

Fact: most likely the people you want to target use social media. And the variety is great: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Snapchat, Pinterest ... but that does not mean you should be present at all .

Unlike a TV commercial, for example, you should not focus on reaching as many people as possible, but on the right audience for your business.

Focus on the media where your leads are active . Do they use Facebook? Or just have an Instagram account? Or just a professional profile on LinkedIn?

Two simple ways to intelligently explore the media: Distributing your blog content and investing in advertising . Each medium has its way of working ads, so it is advisable to do a previous study to see where is the best place to advertise your real estate, incorporator or developer.

# 5 - Bet on Sponsored Links

In addition to the ability to boost posts and create ads in Social Media, search engines also make room for advertising.

The most popular case is Google AdWords, an integrated advertising platform that drives traffic to your site through paid media . Based on a person's search, Google traverses numerous partner sites and complex algorithms that determine which ads will be shown to those searching at the right time.

The best solutions for you to sell more real estate are the type Research , in which they appear in text form in the first positions of some type of search result; and Display , which are ads in graphical format, appearing on various blogs and websites related to your business, depending on how you target your placements.

The tool works through PPC - Pay-per-click - meaning the charge will only be made when the user clicks on your ad. It is a great way to generate more leads and increase traffic to your site.

# 6 - Use Embedded Automation to a CRM

Now that you have adopted the best lead generation practices, you need to do follow-up and content nutrition for those already in your contact base.

After all, only generation is not enough: it will not do any good if you do not follow-up with your sales team.

Try to get in touch with the new leads quickly. You will want to meet as soon as possible while the venture is fresh in memory, right?

However, I warn you in advance that more than half of your leads will not buy a house, apartment or land right away. It may take a week, six months or even a year for them to be ready for a purchase. If you do not have a CRM, that is, relationship management software, you can lose control of how many business opportunities you are missing.

Through a CRM integrated with an automation, it will be possible to automate processes, such as nutrition e-mail campaigns to follow the leads in the "sales funnel".

Business opportunities with a complete digital marketing solution are numerous, but all measurable. Remember that the internet, more than ever, is an ally of yours, and offline communication must be aligned with digital, always with the purpose of making your business easier to find. In the end, a successful campaign will help you convert more leads into customers.

Posted on July 10, 2018 at 05:26 PM