Constructing a Merchandise CSV Import Tool in OpenCart - Component 1

Imagine you own a listing of products for your shop which costs should be updated on site. Nevertheless, you despise manual occupations? You would like an option at which you are able to import that list and all your products & amp; costs are updated in only a few clicks. Yes! This really is that which we're going to do. By default, OpenCart does not supply the facility to import the products from any source that is outer, in this instance we've to develop a module that may be used for import.

Now we will add an import system in OpenCart. Which additionally let a free e-commerce solution programmers to customize OpenCart so, as we realize that it is it. Let us talk about Shopping Stores. On day-to-day bases matters change very frequently e.g. change in amount, change in cost, change in description, etc. 

For any company to grow, it is rather necessary to update the shop and an owner ought to know about its own rivals, so things change...! Question is currently running a store online and the owner needed to alter the costs of products. What'll the owner do? For this particular function we provide a way whereby matters can be alternated by users in accordance with their company needs. So you also would like to create some alternations and if you are running an e store, you will be helped by this import system out in a best way. In this first part we'll be making a form / interface where the CSV file can be uploaded by an admin user. For reference please see Building a Merchandise CSV Export Tool - OpenCart .

As we created a button above now we'll develop a public function in the exact same control file i.e., (shop_path)/admin/control/catalogue/product.php. Ensure the function name should fit together with the name you mention above in link. So we wrote a public function named as importCSV()

In this Part of Tutorial we followed some measures to make an "Import Tool", in this respect, we changed a template, created a form to offer a better feasibility for the user. In our next part of the post. The objective of portioning this post in two (2) string will be to make you clear about the "Layouts" as well as the "Business Logic" of this module. In our next post, CSV import the data so and will directly coordinate with all the database. Thank you for taking interest, please supply with your idea & opinions. Till next post, Happy Coding!

Posted on October 08, 2015 at 08:00 PM